New Video | Grace Covenant Church Mission Statement Video

At the end of November, we produced a video for Grace Covenant Church in Las Cruces, NM to help visitors and current members of the church understand the mission and purpose of the church.

This was a tricky video to put together because I initially envisioned the video as straight-up interviews. I know…boring.

I finally realized that it needed to have something else visually because medium shots of talking heads aren’t visually captivating for this long, no matter how handsome these fellas are (and it’s difficult to cut together since they’re all shot from the same angle).  So I decided to add b-roll from previous footage and new footage to augment everyone’s comments.

I shot the interviews with the RED ONE and all additional footage/timelapse with the Canon 60D.  I’ve worked with the RED since 2009 and each time I use it, I have to get out of the mindset of it being a digital camera.  I have to approach lighting, shooting, post as if it were a film camera.  When it’s fully rigged up, it’s almost as heavy as a film camera (20+ pounds depending on what other stuff is rigged with it).  I’ll post on the RED post-production workflow on another post some other day.  But I’ll say that working in RAW is great.  Like I said before, just like working with a film camera.


I look like I’m doing something.

Monica poses.

Monica poses as I setup the shot.

This isn’t a camera comparison, BUT you’ll see a HUGE difference in the image quality of the RED footage and the 60D footage.  Besides the fact that I’m shooting the interviews in RED 4.5K versus 1080p for the Canon footage, I’m using Zeiss Superspeed Primes lenses versus Nikon/Canon Prime lenses.  Hopefully, the way I edited the piece together makes the footage from the different cameras look a somewhat seamless.  Or maybe you’re like my wife and you don’t really notice it much.  Either way, we’re glad you watched!

Once again, the amazing Tony Anderson provided the score for this project.  I’ve used him as a composer for three different projects already.  This guy is an amazing composer and he’s got a heart for serving others, too.  You can stream or purchase his music on iTunes (iTunes Link) and Spotify.

Equipment used:

RED ONE – for the interviews
Canon 60D – B-Roll
LED Lights
Konova Slider
OConnor Sticks
Manfrotto Sticks
Zeiss SuperSpeed MK II Prime Lens Set
Canon/Nikon Primes
AudioTechnica Wired Lavaliere Mic
Adobe Premiere Pro, Redcine X, Davinci Resolve Lite

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